Saturday, October 26, 2013

Christmas 2012

I will have a couple posts on Christmas...We did more during December because of all the SNOW!! 
Dozer wanted to join in the decorating 

We got our first REAL Christmas Tree. Mike insisted on getting a REAL one starting after Medical we got rid of our fake one that we have had since we got married. It was a sad/happy moment. 

Last year I went ahead and talked with Santa into sending our family our own Elf on the Shelf. You know we have to keep a closer eye on my two kiddos, since they behave like there are 6 of them! We named our Elf, Casper! He is very mischievous when the kids have been good the day before.  

He got into my crystal cabinet and decided to have a bubble bath...naughty little Elf! 

 Here Casper stole my Ipod to listen to some tunes! 

 Ziplining to the Christmas Tree 

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Thanksgiving 2012

I have put a back seat to blogging due to being in school, working part time, and watching my neighbor's kids so she can work part time as well. Plus I am the Bear den leader and Mike has crazy rotations still! It's been one crazy year! My goal is to be completely updated by the end of this year, so that I can start posting some more fun stuff that will be happening in the next year and a half!! 

Thanksgiving of 2012, we started building our fence. We had another Resident come help us out putting the posts in and getting everything settled. When my parents and my sisters family came for Thanksgiving, my dad and brother in law were amazing and helped us finished building our fence.  It was so awesome to have their help and we wouldn't have been able to get it done in the time we did without it!!

Like I said my sister's family came to visit for Thanksgiving and they brought their dogs...Dre was a little thirsty 

 This was during Thanksgiving dinner, our cousins were able to come join us from Cheyenne. I loved seeing the Kims! It had been such a long time since we have all been together. We also had our friends, the Walkers join us for dinner as well. 

 This was also the first time I got to meet my cute new niece! 

Isaiah chilling on our couch! 
 E and Isaiah are such great friends. They are wrestling with something right here, I can't remember what it is...maybe if I would have kept up on my blogging I would have remembered ;)

My parents also brought me the piano!! I am so excited to have this. I just now have to take piano lessons to learn to play!! Which I am planning on doing and also planning on both J and E taking lessons as well in the future. 

My sister and I, with her cute girl, out Black Friday shopping! 

Monday, July 22, 2013

New Puppy!!!

In November we added a new puppy to the family!! We decided to name her Kaiya....I was going to go for Willow, but Mike didn't like that name so we went with the wife's name from the movie. She is a handful. She loves to scarf down socks, chews on everything like a normal puppy, and loves to play. She definitely keeps Dozer in check!! 

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Much needed update!

Wow, we have been pretty busy lately. I am going to try to get our blog updated. We haven't really done much as far as fun and exciting stuff, but I am in school, Mike's work schedule can get crazy, J has school and tumbling, and E does tumbling! Plus I am watching my neighbors kid for some extra money each month. So here is the first set of pictures to come with brief captions!  :) 
J's preschool picture! I cannot believe that he will be starting kindergarten in the fall. The school system here has you register, list your top 3 schools, then they do basically a match day to place him. I am hoping he gets into the school right around the corner from us. Plus I visit teach the Kindergarten teacher there and would love for him to have her! She is one amazing lady!! 

 Last sept/oct...I can't remember which month exactly but all the 1st year residents...(interns)...went to Thermapolis, WY on their intern retreat. I unfortunately didn't get to go because Dozer decided to eat 3 dozen chocolate chips cookies and was sick for a couple days. I suggested to Mike that he take just J and make it a father/son outing since he has missed the father/son camp out last year. 
J had a blast. He really loves his dad! Here is J eating some Rocky Mountain Oysters and yes people he LOVED gross! 
The day the boys were supposed to get back, E and I went out for a girls lunch! 

October brought Halloween and lots and lots of candy! I found this costume for $5 at Ross, but it needed a new wig and this is her sporting the wig I made and her wand that I made also. Sad thing was after I took the kids trick or treating at a shopping center she lost the wand. 
One of the attending dr's held an annual halloween party at her house and it was awesome. Thanks to some friends of ours we dressed up as Van Helsing and me as Vampiress! I don't have a picture of that but I can find it! J was a werewolf!

In November we got to go to Utah to visit my sisters new baby and visit family. It was Mike's first vacation in like 4 months! Much needed away time. E was so excited she wanted to go at like 10pm the night before we were leaving...LOL 
J with his cute new cousin!!
E holding little Bev
She is so cute! 

My mom got a part time job as a bus driver sub...this is the supposed secret of all the stay at home moms because it works around the school schedule! :) You just have to get the bus route that your kids have and you will be set! While we were there she had to drive a route and she got permission to take the kids for a spin...
J and Grant on the bus! Grant and Tage were able to make it just in time to ride the bus with us.
E and Uncle Tage 
My mom the bus driver! 
The bus ride was all done and she had to get going to start her route. The kids absolutely had a blast on this short little ride! 

Tuesday, October 23, 2012


In September, we moved into our new HOME! I was so thankful that it finally finished. I do not recommend being homeless for 3 months :) Not a fun thing to go through. We were blessed from family and from great friends, but I knew it was hard on them as well. As we were unpacking...J found his spiderman costume!! Seriously the minute he found it, he put it on.
 Trying our couches out this way...what do you think? Yay or Nay? 
 The kids bathroom! I love their shower curtain... I still need to add some pictures in there or something. If you have suggestions, please share!
 It was a nice day out in september so we decided to run through our sprinklers in the front yard! 
 The one thing Mike wanted in our new home was a jetted tub...J LOVES the jetted tub...E is not to sure about the bubbles for a long period of time, but loves them for a minute or so. 

J and E loved making houses out of all our empty boxes
 we also made forts! 
 I'm so glad they are such great friends. It makes my heart melt
 J started preschool in September also...and they had the firefighters come recently. I was able to go help out  and E got to hold the water hose...J did to but I wasn't fast enough getting his picture. 
 Mike had the afternoon off and was able to help out too. J and E with his preschool class watching the firetruck drive around and sound the siren

 I have also enrolled J and E in tumbling is J doing his bridge! They are both excelling in tumbling. I think gymnastics is going to be a huge part in our future

Mike and I also revamped an old bookshelf. This was our starter project of many to come....
 Pallets were used for the backing...that is one good thing about living around pallets!!
 The picture is upside down, but we decided to use it as our entertainment center for now until we get our actual entertainment center...I love how it turned out! 
 our first snowfall!
 E is smokin 
 They have a sattle in front of the treasurers office...this was the day we finally got our car registered...we are now officially wyomingites! 
 playing in the first snowfall...this was before they had breakfast, they were that excited!
 We made our first homemade pizzas!! 
 Can I just take a moment... :) I have a HOT husband....

Last week we went hiking...Didn't realize there was a black bear roaming around the mountain until after our hike, but thankfully we did not encounter it. 

 The halloween costumes...J is a werewolf this year
 and E is being turned into a fairy princess!! 
 Also last week we went to the pumpkin patch. We did the small corn maze, the corn pit, the straw pit, and we went to the petting zoo! 
 After the pumpkin patch we went to Sanfords for lunch. They have all these sweet statues around their restaurant ..J loved it. 
 Ahh!! T-Rex is eating my baby... 
 we had to wake up E from her cat nap and she was not too happy...