Saturday, October 26, 2013

Christmas 2012

I will have a couple posts on Christmas...We did more during December because of all the SNOW!! 
Dozer wanted to join in the decorating 

We got our first REAL Christmas Tree. Mike insisted on getting a REAL one starting after Medical we got rid of our fake one that we have had since we got married. It was a sad/happy moment. 

Last year I went ahead and talked with Santa into sending our family our own Elf on the Shelf. You know we have to keep a closer eye on my two kiddos, since they behave like there are 6 of them! We named our Elf, Casper! He is very mischievous when the kids have been good the day before.  

He got into my crystal cabinet and decided to have a bubble bath...naughty little Elf! 

 Here Casper stole my Ipod to listen to some tunes! 

 Ziplining to the Christmas Tree 

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  1. Very cute! You are doing so well at getting caught up. I only have June 2012 right now and still working on July. Gosh! I love these Elf on the Shelf ideas.